From the Project Director

Welcome to the professional support website for the MyLastDip family of programs. We are currently enrolling participants into a federally-funded smokeless tobacco cessation project that uses self-help materials delivered through the mail.

Smokeless tobacco use represents an important and often-overlooked public health problem. Most of the approximately 12 million chewers in the U.S. want to quit but they have few resources available for them to use to get help. This situation is even more difficult for youth who chew as very few cessation programs have been designed specifically with them in mind.

You can help ensure the success of MyLastDip by spreading the news to individuals, organizations, and with colleagues that you think would be interested.

We ask that you share your name, e-mail, and other contact information with us so that you can receive progress updates over the next weeks and months along with brief reports about how you can become involved as part of the MyLastDip support team.

I invite you to become involved so that MyLastDip will be an important source of help to chewers now and into the future.

Herbert H. Severson, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist 
Oregon Research Institute