MyLastDip Project Detail

Many American adults engage in the habitual use of smokeless tobacco (chew or snuff) and many wish to quit but lack resources. We have been awarded a number of research grants over the years from the National Cancer Institute to develop and evaluate innovative smokeless tobacco cessation interventions to the largely underserved population of smokeless tobacco users.

Researchers at Oregon Research Institute and Mayo Clinic have recently been awarded a research grant from the National Cancer Institute that will involve a randomized controlled trial (RCT) that tests different smokeless tobacco cessation approaches that combine self-help methods and medications delivered by the mail.

Participation in the current research project is free and available to individuals interested in quitting smokeless tobacco and willing to complete a brief survey about their tobacco use.

We are using a multifaceted participant recruitment plan that includes the collaboration of state tobacco control organizations, promotion through colleges and universities, press coverage and articles in print and electronic media, and direct marketing through websites targeted to chewing tobacco users.